About the Artisan
Lena Hausselman - Head Artisan




One of a Kind, Hand Crafted Headdresses, Jewelry and More.

With a background in the fashion and movie industry. This artisan, has been professionally handcrafting unique jewelry and accessories since 1998. The headdresses and jewelry wear are comfortable and durable.





The Artisan

For those who would like to have one of a kind and/or simple beautiful pieces that have not been mass-produced.

I provide an elegant beauty with unique artistic pieces created to enhance the look of any gown, costume, or outfit for any occasion.

The muse of the otherworldly lifestyles gives my crafts a wicked look for the Romani/World, Steampunk/Gothic, NeoPagan, and Historical/Fantasy Cultures. This is your new place for high quality pieces that are yours and yours alone.



Come see my many styles,

and much much more.


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